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At QPEC, we not only sell innovative fitness and training products, we engage some of the world’s top fitness industry experts to develop resources for fitness professionals to get the most from tools like the BOSU, ViPR, TRX, Twist SMART Muscle.

These educational opportunities take the form of courses, workshops, forums, blog entries, webinars, videos and podcasts – all of which are authored by top-presenters known internationally and within Australia. Men and women renown for their contributions to broadening our understanding of contemporary functional fitness, sport conditioning, nutritional best practises, adolescent exercise strategies and other timely topics. QPEC is proud to introduce our range of fitness, sport conditioning, exercise, rehab and adolescent training experts – our international and Australian presenters…

International Presenters

Douglas Brooks

Douglas Brooks, Fitness ExpertAcknowledged as one of America’s premier Personal Trainers by numerous publications, Douglas Brooks is truly the “Trainer’s Trainer.” As an author, lecturer, trainer and video personality, his knowledge of fitness is recognized by professionals and the public worldwide. Douglas, who holds a Master’s Degree in exercise physiology, is the author of five best selling books. He frequently conducts lectures and workshops on exercise physiology, kinesiology, strength training, and personal training throughout the United States and internationally. Douglas is the consulting exercise physiologist for product research and development for several fitness companies including BOSU. Also the head physiologist / strength & conditioning coach for Mammoth Power Sports and in 2007, was inducted into the US National Fitness Hall of Fame. For more information, visit:

Michol Dalcourt

Michol Dalcourt, Fitness InnovatorMichol Dalcourt is an educator, author, trainer, inventor and an industry leader in the areas of human movement and performance training. As an international lecturer and educator, Michol has authored numerous articles on human design and function, developed a series of performance videos and created an athletic model for high performance training (the RMA model). He has served as an instructor at the NAIT College School of Health Sciences in Alberta, Canada and is currently serving as Adjunct Professor in Exercise Science at the University of San Francisco. Michol’s innovative techniques have been adopted by some of the top international fitness certification bodies. As a personal trainer, Michol has worked with a general clientele as well as athletes of all levels such as college level pitchers, NHL (hockey) players, NLL (Lacrosse) players and Olympic Gold medal athletes. Michol works closely with various athletic trainers and therapists in and around San Diego. For more information, visit:

Pete McCall

Pete McCallPete McCall is a personal trainer, performance coach, educator and fitness consultant in San Diego, CA. Pete holds a master’s degree in exercise science and health promotion, completed a Fellowship in Applied Functional Science with the Gray Institute of Functional Transformation, and is a Certified Personal Trainer and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.  Pete is not only dedicated to helping clients improve their fitness levels; he has spent a large portion of his career educating personal trainers as a workshop instructor and international speaker. In addition he has authored numerous articles for trade publications, online blogs and textbook chapters. Currently Pete is the Science Officer for the Institute of Motion and an education consultant with the American Council on Exercise (ACE), the largest accredited personal trainer certification organization in the country, where he previously served as an exercise physiologist. For more information, visit:

William (Bill) Sukala, Ph.D

William (Bill) Sakula, exercise physiologistA respected clinical exercise physiologist, Bill is an author, consultant and popular international presenter on fitness, nutrition, and medical exercise topics. He has delivered seminars and workshops on five continents around the world and thoroughly enjoys translating complicated science into simple, usable recommendations. Bill brings over two decades of hands-on experience from cardiac rehabilitation, diabetes/obesity research, and personal training settings. He holds a doctorate in exercise and sport science with a research focus on exercise therapy for the treatment of type 2 diabetes and morbid obesity, a masters degree in exercise physiology with a cardiology emphasis, and a bachelors degree in nutrition. For more information, visit:

Peter Twist

Peter Twist, Sport Conditioning ExpertThe president and CEO of Twist Conditioning Inc, Peter has coached in Canada’s National Hockey League for 11 years and trained over 700 professional athletes. An exercise physiologist, Peter has published over 400 articles, authored ten books and created 18 DVDs on athlete development. He has delivered and presented lectures to thousands of fitness professionals worldwide. An industry leader, he has been awarded the National Strength and Conditioning Association’s President’s Award (1998) and Can-Fit-Pro Specialty Presenter of the Year (2003). In 2010 Peter was awarded the IDEA Presenter of the year. For more information, visit:

New Zealand Presenters

Aaron Callaghan

QPEC welcomes our “KIWI” resident to the ViPR team Aaron Callaghan. After a successful professional Rugby career in England and playing at a competitive level from his early years, Aaron decided to take his background and knowledge of strength and conditioning, team work and sports excellence to the next level by sharing his passion with the Fitness Industry. Aaron’s past ten years have been spent further developing his own education by travelling extensively and gathering information from some of the world’s top educators such as Gary Gray and Chuck Wolf and including a mentorship with PTA Global. Aaron has just recently moved back to New Zealand after spending the last few years establishing his successful Personal Training studio Primal Fitness in Sydney with his business partner Michael James.  He loves to help people move and function better and lives his motto of “Vitality for Modern Living”. For more information, visit:

Grayson Schiphorst

Grayson SchiphorstGrayson Schiphorst is another one of our “Kiwi” counterparts. Although fairly new in the fitness industry, Grayson has achieved a lot in a short period of time. Fully qualified as an NZ Personal Trainer, Grayson is a Trigger Point and Smart Core Master Trainer, ViPR PT and Group Certified, TRX, BOSU and Twist Conditioning. With an extensive background in Strength and Conditioning.  Grayson has spent most of his life playing professional sport and has represented New Zealand in Rugby, Touch Football and Athletics. Unfortunately severe injuries cut short his professional sports career and ignited his passion to learn more about how to train and move more effectively.  Grayson has just completed the Institute of Motion Level 1 Mentorship. His goal is to continue to share his passion in health and fitness and help as many people as he can whilst constantly improving himself within the industry. For more information, visit:

Australian Presenters

Trevor Aung Than

Trevor Aung ThanTrevor Aung Than (Physio, B.Sc) is an Australian trained physiotherapist, presenter and writer.  He previously has worked with Cirque du Soleil as a Performance Medicine therapist in Macau, China.  In 2011 he trained with Thomas Myers in Hong Kong learning the Anatomy Trains concept which teaches the myofascial meridians.  Trevor currently is the Head of Dancer Wellbeing at the West Australian Ballet company and Director of AirYoga, the first and only aerial yoga school in Perth.  Trevor has also written fitness and health-related articles for Australian Fitness Network and Australian Physiotherapy Association magazines and presented at the FILEX fitness conference in 2013.  Trevor has combined his knowledge of the Anatomy Trains with movement principles, his physio background and his knowledge of yoga postures into a practical method which can help any practitioner of yoga, pilates, martial arts, dance, etc get more out of their practice!  For more information, visit: or

Karen Baldwin

Karen Baldwin PhotoKaren is a National and International Presenter. An Australian Master Trainer for BOSU, Indoor Cycling and a Master Trainer and Sports Conditioning Coach for Twist. With over 20 years experience in the Fitness Industry and specialising in program development, Karen continues to build workshops for Instructor excellence, Management and Personal Training by implementing the latest innovations from around the world every year. Karen’s passion is educating Trainers and clients on the best methods for moving with better strength, balance and functionality. Karen works with the ViPR team and also brings her group training expertise to the courses.  For more information, visit:

Ken Baldwin

Diplomas in Applied Science, Facility & Recreation, Management and Frontline Management, Ken is a National and International Presenter with over 25 years experience in the Fitness Industry including a military background as a Physical Training Instructor in the Air Force. Also a Master Trainer for BOSU, Schwinn Indoor Cycling and a Master Trainer and Sports Conditioning Coach for Twist. Ken has a coaching background in team sports of Basketball, Rugby, Volleyball and Touch Football. He specialises in retraining, functional movement and rehabilitation for transition into everyday life including Sports Conditioning. Ken lectures and writes for several fitness magazines and is the Director of QPEC, developing education and training workshops for the Fitness Industry.  For more information, visit:

David Bick

David Bick, Sports PhysiotherapistDavid is an award-winning Sports Physiotherapist who has committed his career to inspiring Australians from early development up to elite athlete level. He is a recognised specialist in tendonopathy, running clinics and lectures educating other physiotherapists from around the country. David’s Background in team sports and his specialty in playing rugby at elite level has seen his expertise in demand in every sports arena of professional sport. David began working with NSW Rugby Union in the late 90s and in 2002 began work with the Waratahs NSW Rugby Union team. He was appointed as Physiotherapist to the Wallabies Australian Rugby Union team in Oct 2001 and worked with them until the 2007 Rugby World Cup in France. As the founding partner at ‘Sydney Sports Medicine Centre’ in 1992 at Sydney Olympic Park leading up to the Sydney Olympics in 2000, David treated and assisted in keeping the athletes performing at their highest levels. These teams and athletes included the Australian teams in Rugby, Volleyball, Hockey, Track and Field, Softball, state teams for Gymnastics, Rugby and cricket and was also the personal Physiotherapist for Harry Kewell. In 2000 David’s passion and hard work was recognised with the Australian Sports Medal for his services to sport. He has truly earned his nickname of “Physiotherapist to the Sports Stars”

Andrew Chadwick (Chaddy)

Andrew ChadwickChaddy has over 10 years experience in training Fitness professionals. He is a ViPR Trainer, Twist Sports Conditioning Master coach and BOSU Trainer. With an army background as a trainer and his skills to easily adapt to any sporting activity, Andrew delivers his wealth of knowledge from a practical stand point where he has excelled in his main passion Australian rules. He has played over 170 club games at the senior club level and is still playing and coaching both seniors and juniors. He is the current strength conditioning coach for the Queensland State Gaelic Football team that won the 2010 Australasian Championship. Chaddy currently Runs ‘Fit as a Fiddle Personal Training’ in Brisbane focusing on effective movement and fitness thus taking his clients to the next level of challenge.

Adam Floyd

Adam Floyd, Exercise PhysiologistA physiotherapist and exercise physiologist, Adam is known as the ‘rehab guru’ to the fitness industry. The Director of Regenerate Physiotherapy in Perth, Western Australia, Adam presents seminars and workshops to the fitness industry in rehabilitation and injury management. He presents both nationally and internationally at industry conferences and conducts in house training for various health clubs. Adam’s aim is to bridge the gap between the physiotherapy and Personal Training professions. He is also the creator of the GymED Rehab DVD series. For more information, visit:

Carl Gunn

Carl has a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education and Sports Medicine from the USA. He has had over 20 years experience in rehabilitative biomechanics for injury therapy and general health enhancement. Carl is currently located on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland where he runs a successful Personal Training business focusing on exercise rehabilitation and the assessment and testing for corrective functional movement. Carl’s Passion has always been to get his clients moving functionally and efficiently and with his background in biomechanics, the ViPR training and education sees Carl take this training to a new level. For more information, visit:

Dean Harding

Dean has been in fitness club management, performance fitness coaching and personal training studio ownership, both in Australia and UK for 10 years. He has a passion for making elite level performance training and its benefits accessible to every client which has led to the completion of mentorships from some of the world’s top coaches and educators in this field. A love of continued learning and sharing knowledge and information naturally lead into becoming a Master Trainer and Presenter. This started with Power Plate 5 years ago. Since connecting with QPEC, Dean’s natural flair for presenting has lead to further education and training to become a Master Trainer & Presenter for BOSU & Dynamax. Dean has completed a number of  cross-country mountain bike races and is also training to compete in the Masters Games in Athletics – sprinting. Dean was named as a finalist in the worldwide run ‘Precision Nutrition – Scrawny to Brawny’ body transformation competition in 2011-12. For more information visit:

Sally Harrison

Now working here in Sydney, but hailing originally from the UK , Sally is both a Sports Physiotherapist and corrective exercise coach with over 12 years of experience. Following a successful career as a professional dancer she now specialises in dance physio and corrective exercise rehab. Her love of human movement is practiced throughout her business ‘Pro-align’ which provides both classes and personal training sessions to assist people from pain through to enjoyable movement. Sally continues to stay afresh with the current research in the industry following her mentors at the Gray Institute and PTA Global affiliates. She presents regularily within the world of full time dance , educating students on injury prevention, nutrition and obtaining fluid movement. Sally has a keen interest in fascial and visceral manipulation and is finding the ViPR a fantastic adjunct to her corrective exercise”. For more information visit:  or Facebook ‘Pro-align Pilates and Exercise Rehab

Jan Hutnan

Jan comes from a team sports background after playing many years of Professional Ice hockey for the Czech Republic. He continued his passion for Health and Fitness after his Ice Hockey career was cut short by an old knee injury.  Moving to Australia to pursue his thirst for knowledge in this area, he excelled, very quickly finding his niche with functional movement working in one of Sydney’s top Personal Training Studios – Primal Fitness. Jan was able to combine his athletic knowledge from Ice Hockey and integrate it into his clients training programs. Jan continues to develop himself  by engaging in the latest research and courses including a PTA Global and a ViPR National Training Summit where he was successful in becoming a ViPR Pro Trainer and Presenter. Jan also presented at the FILEX 2014. Jan is a master trainer and a great ambassador of Institute of Motion methodology.  Currently residing at Airlie Beach in Far NQ, Jan’s passion for knowledge and natural ability for fluent movement sees him achieving some amazing results and changes with his PT clients and small groups at EvoPrime Fitness – his new training studio. For more information, visit facebook: EvoPrime Fitness

Michael James (MJ)

A Personal Trainer of more than 10 years, Michael’s passion for helping people on their journey of health and fitness has fuelled his constant development in the Industry. With an extensive sporting background of soccer, rugby, and cricket, Michael is most passionate about movement that incorporates the entire body in multiple planes of motion, helping people move more successfully with safety and effectiveness. Presenting to, and mentoring of other fitness professionals is a huge passion for Michael, and his association with QPEC has assisted and enriched that aspect of his profession. Michael stays afresh with the latest and greatest innovations in the Fitness Industry, from psychology of coaching through to integrated, total body movement and the most functional and effective of the new fitness tools to enter the market. With a background in Civil Engineering, Michael’s eye for detail and knowledge of building strong foundations has blended nicely with his business partner Aaron Callaghan’s strong scientific, movement and nutritional background in the growth of their Personal Training Studio, Primal Fitness, in Sydney’s Double Bay. For more information, visit:

Dr Robbie Parker PhD

Robbie is a Clinical Exercise Physiologist with a strong research background in exercise interventions, lipid metabolism and weight loss. He is currently involved in research to better understand the roll of diet and exercise in obese, Insulin Resistant children and adolescents. Robbie is Head of the Children’s Hospital Institute of Sports Medicine (CHISM), at the Sydney Children’s Hospital Network – Westmead Campus. Over the last 6 years Robbie has presented over 85 scientific papers at International Conventions throughout 10 countries, as well as presenting at numerous International Conventions within Australia. Robbie is an independent Board Director of Fitness Australia and is currently Chairman of the Fitness Australia Exercise Professional Register Council (REPS Australia). In 2000 Robbie was awarded the Australian Fitness Network National Lifetime Achievement Award for contributions to the Australian Fitness Industry. In 2011 Robbie was inducted into the Australian Fitness Industry Roll of Honour.

Joe Waide

Joe WaideThe Networks Australian Personal Trainer of the Year 2004, and the Queensland Fitness Professional of the Year 2004 and 2005, Joe has been involved in the fitness industry for the past 16 years, trained over 1400 instructors and Personal Trainers throughout Australia, Asia and New Zealand. A Twist Sports Conditioning Master Coach and a BOSU Presenter/ Trainer in Australia also the developer of the trademarked Core Camp® Program 4 KIDS.

Lisa Westlake

Lisa Westlake is a highly regarded National and International Fitness Instructor and Presenter. She combines over 20 years of Physiotherapy and fitness experience to provide fun, innovative exercise programs for people of all ages and fitness levels. She is regarded as the Australian pioneer of Fitball, having run the first instructor training courses in 1995. Lisa is a best-selling fitness author and has produced 6 DVDs. She was awarded Australian Fitness Leader of the year in 2000, Australian Fitness Presenter of the year in 2003, and Fitness Author of the year in 2009. Lisa spreads the word of health and fitness through various publications and regular presentations on Melbourne’s ABC radio and Foxtel’s lifestyle TV show, “Living Life Now”. For more information, visit:

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